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Auto Locksmith Scams at New Orleans

On busy days, we find ourselves locked out of the car and need professional help. Some people opt to break into the car because it is easy and fast. However, breaking into your car creates an avenue for thieves to break into your vehicle.  Breaking into your car might be easy, but it should never be an option.  You can seek professional help from our auto locksmiths New Orleans who are only a call away.

However, there are auto locksmiths who show up claiming they can help but in reality, are scammers trying to take advantage of your situation. To differentiate our real specialists from scammers, these are the things to look for;

Check their locksmith license and ID

A verified locksmith has a locksmith license and a matching ID.

Confirm the price estimate before the work begins

Scams are out there to take advantage of unsuspecting clients. However, at locksmith-4-U, we do not charge exceptionally high prices. A legitimate auto locksmith (New Orleans) will be able to give you a quote on the phone or before starting the work. If the estimate given on the phone is entirely different from the forecast on your location, then that could be a scam. However, like any other occupations, there are changes in the type of work that may cause changes in price, but the price should not increase drastically.

Do not let the technician drill into the lock

Our certified technicians have the necessary skills to open almost every car door lock. Digging on a car lock means that the lock is of high-security.  Being the owner of the car, you would know that your vehicle has this type of lock because they are designed to stop people from picking the door. For such a lock, there is a specialized key that is needed. In case the technician on site suggests drilling, enquire why this is going on.   If they do not have a valid answer, they are scammers, and you should stop them immediately.

Familiarize yourself with additional costs

Besides the necessary cost of operation. When you call them, ask about any other additional costs such as emergency hours. When the technician from locksmith-4-U comes, ask him how he plans on repairing the lock because scammers will convince you that the lock is obsolete and needs replacing. Our legitimate technician will explain the procedure on the phone or at the site before starting the job.

Our legitimate technicians majoring in auto locksmith will be precise in the way they work. Whenever you inquire for professional help from us, ensure you carefully examine the technician ID identify scammers.

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