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Different types of Re-Key New Orleans services

Re-keying services are very important in ensuring that you are not locked out of your own house or car. Most people who find themselves in a situation where they have lost their keys normally end up breaking the lock or even the door in some cases. While this will give you access to your house or drawers, you may end up damaging the whole thing thus requiring repair.

Also, you may not be able to do the same thing for your car. Getting a locksmith for a re-key new Orleans may be your best solution for such a situation. It will cost much less, and you can get better locks or a spare key to prevent the situation from repeating itself.

For the best locksmith services in New Orleans, you can visit Locksmith 4 u. Locksmith 4 u have a variety of key and lock solutions ensuring that you are never locked out of your own home or car.


House re-keying

House re-keys are one of the most common services that locksmiths provide on a day to day basis. On average, people tend to lose their house keys than any other keys they carry. However, you can get access to immediate locksmith services from Locksmith 4 u emergency program. Locksmith 4 u has a 24-hour service provision which enables you to call them at any hour of the day if you get stuck outside your house.

For people living around New Orleans, the emergency locksmith can take between ten minutes and thirty minutes to get to your place depending on your proximity to the closest office. After that, the re-key New Orleans can take less than ten minutes for simple locks and about 20 minutes for more complex locks. After that, you can then gain access to your house.


Business re-keying

Losing the key to your business office can be quite hectic. You may lose a lot of early customers simply because the office is not yet open. In such a situation, you should contact an emergency locksmith to get a re-key New Orleans. Business lock re-keying is not very different from house re-keying. The difference may lie in the type of lock. Contact Locksmith 4 u today and get some of the best locksmith services available in just a few minutes.


re-keying for drawers and cabinets

Locksmith companies also offer re-keying for drawers and cabinets. Although it may seem easy to open a drawer forcefully once the key is lost, it is much cheaper to get a locksmith and get the lock re-keyed and repair the lock if necessary.


Re-keying for cars

Getting a car re-key has never been easier. Whether your car has a physical key or a computerized key, Locksmith 4 u can get you a re-key new Orleans in no time. Jammed locks on your car should no longer worry you. You can simply contact an emergency locksmith and get your issue fixed in no time.

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