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locked out of your car or home?

Being locked out of your car or home could be a really stressing issue for you. This is especially because it occurs when you least expect it, and you are bound to be left in a terrible situation where you wouldn’t know who to turn to for help. That is why we established our practice, Locksmith 4u, with our offices in New Orleans, to provide viable solutions for cases just like this.

We have been offering our locksmith New Orleans services to residents of New Orleans city for a long time now.

There has been a high demand for our services, both because of our efficiency when it comes to quickly getting you out of the locked out fix, as well as our friendly prices that are affordable for the majority of people.

Ours is a 24-hour running establishment, so no matter the time of your predicament, you can be sure to get service from our personnel after you place your call to us. We offer a variety of services to suit any of your needs, may they be auto – where you could be locked out of your car, as well as residential and commercial locksmith services.

Auto Locksmith

Being locked out of your car is a common occurrence in today’s life. Whether you lost your keys or locked them in your car, one thing is for sure. You are not getting in the car anytime soon.

Not without the intervention of a locksmith to deal with your lock or make you a replacement key. Most of the people looking for a locksmith New Orleans experience are those having issues with their vehicles.

No matter the time of the hour, as long as you are within New Orleans, you can contact us, and you are sure to get a locksmith sent to you in as short as 20 min, depending on your location. Once our staff arrives, you’ll be in safe hands, and you need not worry much longer. In cases where we can’t fix your lock on site, we also provide towing services to take your vehicle to our warehouse.

There, more specialists will handle the situation for you and get you back on the road. This means that you do not have to abandon your car at the park or roadside which would be unsafe.

Residential Locksmith

We also offer locksmith services for residential areas. This encompasses the locks that you have at home, whether they be those of your doors or locks for your cabinets and drawers.

You do not have to damage your locks trying to force your way into your cabinets or safes. Just call us when you find yourself in such circumstances, and your help will be on your way. We rekey and reprogram locks for our clients, and we’ll even make you a few spare keys to avoid similar occurrences later.

24 Hours

Our offices are open 24/7 for the entire year to ensure your locked out emergencies do not hold you for long.

Therefore, no matter the time or day of your key accidents, you are free to call us, and we’ll offer assistance straight away.

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