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New Orleans Locksmith Services

At Locksmith4u, we offer a variety of services guaranteed to provide you with safety and a sense of security.

Rest assured that we offer the best New Orleans locksmith services using state-of-the-art technology from re-keying and installing safes.

Whether you’re looking for a locksmith that help you regain entry to your home or calling for a 24-hour service, we have the technician that’s right for you.

Not convinced yet? The following are some of the best services we offer:

Automotive Locksmith

On a typical day, we receive calls from disgruntled clients who just locked their keys in the car. Such inconvenience can cause them to be late at very important appointments or opportunities. The good news is that our New Orleans locksmith services are available at any time of the day. We understand that emergencies do not care about the time of day which is why we dispatch technicians when you call late in the evening or early morning. We don’t just stop there. We provide long-lasting solutions such as reproducing a new key and programming key fobs so that they work best for you.

Residential Locksmith

Locks vary in makes and designs. Home door locks are different from safe locks and also different from main gate locks. Gate locks systems, for instance, should be designed to offer extra security. Our technicians are highly specialized in installing or repairing broken doorknobs or replacing lost keys. If you require an extra key for a new family member, our technicians will make an extra copy of the key by key cutting. We can also repair or replace your locks depending on your preference.

Locking your keys inside the house can be a frustrating experience. In such a case, the locksmith will either break the lock and repair or just unlock it. At some point, you may have a feeling that your home is not safe anymore. The best precaution that you should take is to contact us. We will install a new and better lock or simply rekey your locks. The New Orleans locksmith services are the most incredible in and outside New Orleans.

Emergency services

Have you ever been in an emergency situation? No one wants to be caught in such situation when you need to attend to something very important but you can not because you have either misplaced your car keys or you have locked in your office key.

New Orleans locksmith services will help. They are available for twenty-four hours a day and for seven days a week. Therefore, if you realize that you have misplaced your only pair of keys and it is in the middle of the night, do not hesitate to call us. We will ensure that you get in your house within the shortest time possible and even get a new set of keys.

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