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One-Stop Shop Locksmith in new Orleans

new Orleans locksmith has been around since 2015 which is one of the most reputable providers around.

Just like them, we compare our work to one of the best in the business so that we can ultimately compete.

This is exactly how we set our prices competitive and our standards high so that we can constantly provide our clients with only the best services they’re looking for.

Don’t believe us? The following are services we offer:


Re-key services

This is a common service that we offer and the new Orleans locksmith offer as well. We have emulated a lot from this oldest service provider. The secret to existing for a long time is by having confidence in the technicians. Once you have given the technicians a good training, you will not have to worry about the kind of service that they offer to clients. We believe in our experts and we do trust them.


Antique lock repairs

With historic buildings that still stand today, new orleans locksmith continues to hail their services in antique locks. While this is not a service we provide today, we are working on developing a way that can easy compete. At the same time, we admire new orleans locksmith and their standard to the community as they continue to dominate this niche segment.


Automotive services

Unlike the new Orleans locksmith, we have expanded our services from simple residential services to automotive services. We do repair damaged car locks and even faulty ignition systems.

Some of the repair service providers in New Orleans only offer residential and commercial key and lock services. It is thus a great move that we have taken to offer automotive services not offered by our competitors. When you’re looking for a one-stop shop locksmith, we’re the best choice to go with!


new Orleans locksmith services

This lock and key service provider do offer their services at their shop. Just as how we operate, we normally send technician to do onsite assessment and repair. The other unique services that this old service provider offers include; installation and sale of safes, wide range of locks for example, cabinet, gun, thermostat, deadbolt locks and many others.

The service provider sells and install decorative hardware both to the residential homes or offices. Their services are actually very unique, as they work on handmade barrels and even skeleton keys. new Orleans locksmith has gained its popularity due to its uniqueness. We at the locksmith4u are striving to offer unique and better services to you.

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