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Security Consideration When It Comes To Residential Property

Security is the first consideration when it comes to residential areas. This is, of course, together with other factors like interior design and space. There are new and old security features including steel doors and house alarms. However, that is not our concern for now. The primary care is the door locks you use for your house. These locks together with steel doors and alarm help enhance your security.
There are various types of locks for your house and there is a need to understand them so that the next time our locksmith-4-U residential locksmith (New Orleans) comes, you have an idea of what is going on.

• The Door Knob Lock

These should definitely start the list because they are widely used in the USA. The doorknob is a simple house lock which has dual functions. It acts as the lever for opening the door lock and also contains the keyhole where you insert your key to open the lock. Every house in USA is accustomed to this because of the simplicity and elegance they provide to users. However, regarding security, a doorknob is very weak and can succumb to force. Hence despite the convenience that the doorknob offers, it exposes you to a higher risk of burglary.

• The Mortise Lock

As of now, Mortise locks are more commonly used in commercial premises than residential homes. One unique thing about the Mortise is that it is one of the oldest locks in the world. There are fewer in residential houses because they are old-fashioned and probably the new generation hasn’t seen them. They are similar to cylindrical lever locks but more understandable. The main advantage of the mortise lock is security. The key and lock features are a bit complex and that is why some people look for it. Next time you see our residential techs ask him/her about the mortise lock.

• The Deadbolt Lock

Another commonly used house lock is the deadbolt. As you read this, you probably have it in your house. A deadbolt looks different on either side of the door. On the inside, it is a switch and on the outside, it is a keyhole. One feature about a deadbolt is lack of spring mechanism in it. When it comes to security, you can trust the deadbolt although if your definition of security presidential security, better options are available.

• An Electronic Smart Lock

Away from manual locks, there is an electronic smart lock which is on the market. A key feature about electronic smart lock is having your own password. There is a slight difference though between electronic and smart locks. Efficiency is what defines both of these locks and if you are the kind of person who loves a private life, these will be a good choice.

Every time our residential locksmith (New Orleans) asks or talks about residential locks, you should not get lost. Familiarize with some of the common locks, the knowledge will help you one day. To fit the locks and any repairs you can call our company, Locksmith-4-U. We are available whenever a need arises.

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