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Car key replacement New Orleans

Your car key is one of those items that you rarely appreciate until it stops working or you lose them.

Whether you damaged yours by mistake or your car key was misplaced, our car key replacement New Orleans service is right for you. 

We keep our prices competitive so that you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Don’t believe us? The following are reasons why you should choose us:

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Car key replacement by a repair expert

When replacing the car key, the technician will first inspect the kind of car that you have. While inspecting, the technician will identify the problem and figure out the best solution.

Our locksmith is well trained; therefore, they will fit a new lock as fast as possible and give you a new set of keys as well.

We also understand that time is valuable which is why we are trained to work fast and provide quality service. Choose the car key replacement New Orleans technicians today and get to experience the most incredible service.

Claiming for a replacement from the insurance company

Did you know that you can work with your insurance company to claim for a new key?

Why bother with the added headache when you can trust us to do the work for you. We’ll go ahead and replace your key but also work with you so that you process your insurance claim the right way.

Don’t get caught having to deal with your insurance company alone! We’ve worked with plenty of them to know as they vary in policy. 

For example, some policies will require you to wait for a new car key to be shipped while others will simply provide cost cover for the car key repair. Car replacement New Orleans technicians will not ask you for payment in such a case where your car key replacement is covered by your insurance policy.

Keeping a spare car key aside

At the locksmith4u we do offer key cutting services for extra sets of car keys. This option has enabled many people to avoid wasting time and a real hassle of getting a new set of keys. It is best to keep your spare car keys at the most convenient place either at your home or at your work place. Car key replacement New Orleans experts will advise you to get your replaced car key to be duplicated to avoid the future hassle.

After our service, we strongly recommend using a car key locator which will help you save time and money. With such a simple device, your can find your key anywhere with a simple click of a button. In some cases, you can also locate it using a mobile device. For more information about this, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Call us for a quote today and get a car key replacement New Orleans today!

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