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BMW key replacement

Lost the keys to your BMW? This can be extremely frustrating, especially because many BMW mechanics are very expensive.

Fortunately, Locksmith-4-U has the experience and know-how to provide BMW key replacement services for our loyal customers. We can make key replacements for all types of cars, ranging from high-end BMWs to domestic pickup trucks.

Here’s a look at the BMW services we provide:

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Locksmith-4-U can do much more than unlock your car door when you leave your keys in the car. We can also repair or replace existing keys and locks, on-site. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars putting in brand new locks, we can repair and rekey locks to save you time and money.


If you only have one set of keys for your BMW, it’s smart to make duplicate copies so you have an extra in case of an emergency. Gives us a call or stop by our brick and mortar location and we can duplicate your BMW keys today.


Newer BMWs have transponder chip keys. It is not uncommon for the chips to stop working, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to pay for a replacement. At Locksmith-4-U we can diagnose the problem and reprogram the transponder chip so it works like new.


If you lose your keys completely, we can create brand new replacements using your existing car door locks. Don’t worry about replacing the locks and the ignition, we save you time and money by working with the current equipment and crafting new keys on site.

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