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Commercial Locksmith New Orleans

Your business is at risk with thieves and robbers lurking around your premise at any given moment. And unless you run a 24/7 industry, your property is constantly facing a threat. If you think installing security cameras will deter the crime from happening, think again. 

In some instances, security gadgets may fail to work. Or even worse– security dispatchers could respond a little too late.

The good news, trusted commercial locksmith New Orleans technicians are here for you. The following are some of the services that the commercial locksmith New Orleans will bring to your business:


High security key control systems

We understand that security is an important priority not only to protect your assets but for the protection of your employees. With that said, we strive to provide the best and high-security key control systems in the industry. Our highly trained commercial locksmith New Orleans technicians are trained in installing high-quality products that are robust and guaranteed to last for years. They are also skilled in repairing products should they malfunction for any reason. We ensure that we train our technicians on the current key and lock technology, to guarantee the protection and safety of all our clients.

Safe locks installations and repairs

Your paperwork should always be kept in a highly-secured safe which can only be accessible by people authorized to handle them. When you want the best safes then reach out to a commercial locksmith New Orleans. We will help you find select the best product that aligns with your needs from office safes to even vaults.

We’re not just professionals in installation! We’re also handy when it comes to repairs. Because safes are not always used on a daily basis, owners could forget the combination. But don’t panic because we can repair your safe in a way that will maintain the integrity of your contents. You can rest assure that when you choose us, you’re choosing quality work.

Key and locks installations and repairs

Re-keying locks is one of the most requested services by many commercial businesses. It is actually wise to keep re-keying your locks especially those locks in the store or main office doors because unfortunately, not all employees are to be trusted. For instance, firing an untrustworthy employee is a big threat to the business. As a precautionary measure, contact our commercial locksmith New Orleans based technicians to re-key your locks.

Besides the re-key services, our trained technicians will install or replace keys and locks as well. If you also need to upgrade to keyless locks, the commercial locksmith New Orleans are always at your service to install the access control card readers.

With a trusted commercial locksmith New Orleans by your side, you are in good hands. Through our experience of over 20 years, combined with constant training, we are confident that our technicians are in a position to handle any kind of lock and key related problems. Call us today for a quote!

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