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Commercial Locksmith New Orleans

If the locks at your business aren’t secure, your business is at constant risk. If you think installing security cameras will deter the crime from happening, think again.

For example, are there any disgruntled ex-employees who might have keys to the building? What about locks that sometimes fail to latch? These are just two examples that compromise the security of our business.

The good news is that Locksmith-4-U is one of the most trusted commercial locksmiths in New Orleans. We have helped countless local businesses improve their security by rekeying office buildings, replacing outdated technology, and installing state-of-the-art locking mechanisms.



We understand that security is a top priority at any commercial location. As a business owner, you are not only responsible for protecting your assets, but for protecting your employee’s safety. That’s why we only use the latest technology and the most high-quality equipment to ensure your buildings are as secure as possible. Most of our equipment is very heavy-duty and comes with long-term warranties from the manufacturers.

We are also skilled at repairing existing locks, which is a great option for more budget-conscious business.


Paperwork with sensitive information (like your employees’ and clients’ social security and banking information) should always be stored in a high-quality, fire-proof safe.

When you want the best safes, reach out to the commercial locksmiths at Locksmith-4-U. We will help you find the product that best aligns with your needs, ranging from small office safes to high-security vaults.

We’re not just professionals in safe installation, we’re also handy when it comes to repairs. Because safes are not always used on a daily basis, owners often forget the combination. Don’t panic, we can open your safe and ensure that its contents remain confidential. Rest assured, when you work with Locksmith-4-U, you’re working with trusted professionals.


Rekeying locks is one of the most requested services by commercial businesses. It is wise to rekey your locks regularly to ensure that only trusted employees have working keys. It is also smart to rekey your locks if you have an employee leave on bad terms. It’s a sad truth, but not all ex-employees can be trusted.

As a precautionary measure, contact our commercial locksmiths and we can rekey all of your locks.

What does it mean to rekey a lock? When we rekey a lock, we adjust the springs and pins in the lock so that the lock only works with a new key. Anyone that tries to use an old key on a rekeyed lock won’t be able to unlock it.


Besides rekey services, we can also install brand new locks at your commercial business. Many businesses are upgraded to keyless systems that work with passcodes, card readers or key fobs. We’re trained in all of the latest technology and would be happy to install a completely new lock system at your place of business.

With a trusted commercial locksmith from Locksmith-4-U, you’re in good hands. Not only are we licensed and insured, but we also come with years of experience and a passion for locksmithing. We can handle any lock and key related issue for your business.

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