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Re-key New Orleans

When it comes to rekeying services in New Orleans, Locksmith-4-U is one of the best in the business. When you call us, you can trust that you are getting expert advice from an experienced professional. We will be very straightforward with you and let you know if it is best to rekey or replace your locks.

Rekeying locks is the more affordable alternative to replacing a lock. When we rekey a lock, we essentially reprogram the lock by detaching the springs and pins inside the lock cylinder and replacing them so that the lock only works with a new key. After a lock has been rekeyed, the old key will no longer work. This can be helpful when you have security concerns and think someone with malicious intent might have a copy of your keys.

Don’t be fooled by other locksmiths who try to sell you on a costly replacement lock. In many instances, rekeying a lock is just as good as replacing it with a brand new one.

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Many clients voice concerns about security, which is why our technicians are all licensed and insured. They are also trained in the latest rekeying technology, so you can rest assured that your locks are safe and secure.

We understand that your security is your number one priority. If we deem that a rekey will not be sufficient (this can happen if your locks are outdated), we will remove the existing lock and replace it with a new one and provide you with a completely new set of keys.


When moving to a new house, it is wise to rekey all the door locks just in case previous tenants decide to open your door. The previous owner might have kept another set of keys, or worse then must have given a spare key to a neighbor, relative or spouse. Sharing your home keys with strangers is a real threat to your security.

Before moving in, make sure to rekey your locks and only trust a trained professional. We are available 24/7 and can help make sure your new home is safe and secure.


Losing home or office keys is frustrating and can happen to anyone at any time. But don’t let that frustration get the best of you, call us at Locksmiths-4-U and we can quickly help with your lost keys.

In many cases, people should rekey their locks when they lose their keys. Why? Because it’s possible that someone finds your keys and uses them to unlock your home, car, or office when you’re not there.

If you lose your keys, we can rekey all of your locks and give you a new set of keys. This is the best way to ensure that anyone who finds your lost keys can’t use them.

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