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What to Consider When It Comes To Key Repair?

A key repair is necessary especially if you have been careless of late. Sometimes when you are absent-minded, you can accidentally break or damage your keys. Another incident is when your keys get worn out to the point that they can’t open the designated lock. In such a case, our locksmiths are willing and ready to make a new key or repair your damaged one. At Locksmith-4-U, we offer quality services that no other locksmith can give. Read ahead and assess our advice on the factors which influence key repair (New Orleans) costs and how to go about it.

What Influences Key Repair Costs?

  • The cost of the required materials

The materials to buy and repair your keys are not easy to come by. More so if your keys are made of metals which are expensive or hard to find. In such a case, the labour of finding the material and the complication of the metal will influence the cost, and you will pay more. For common key metals, the repair is easy, and the cost will be affordable for you.

Metal is not the only material, for transponder key, the programming materials are costly and hard to find. The casing of remote keys for cars and houses influence the cost as well.

  • The shop you choose to replace or repair your key

This goes a long way even for loyal customers. The place where you visit to get your damaged keys repair influences the amount of money you will pay. At locksmith-4-U, we are familiar with the hard times the economy is experiencing, and you are assured of affordable prices for your key repair (New Orleans). A loyal customer will get discounts and offers at our locksmith shop.

  • The type of key involved

A key repair (New Orleans) total cost will depend on the key involved. Car keys are not all the same, and you will need to consider the brand of your car. For example, a Bentley car key is more complicated than a Ford car key; the vice versa may be true. Another consideration is the house key. The type of lock installed in your house matters when it comes to key repair costs. Like the first point suggested, the materials used are different with some being expensive and rarer than others. The type of lock will also determine the complexity of the key, and the more complex a key is, the more expensive it is to repair.

  • The time is taken by our key repairer

A key repair will take between 5 minutes and a few hours depending on the damage and type. Time is money, and our specialists understand that. Although some keys are complex and require more time, our specialist does a quick but quality job to ensure your time is not wasted.  Don’t worry when you work with us because we have taken all these factors into consideration.

Having a good company like Locksmith-4-U ensures you save money while receiving quality work from our specialists. Visit our Locksmith-4-U offices for quality work.


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