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Why there is a need for re key New Orleans services?

There are several reasons why you would want to ensure that your locks can’t be opened by old keys.

This is especially necessary for new tenants, as you can never be sure who previously had the keys to the locks and their potential to let themselves in.

That is why there is a need for re-key New Orleans services, which we provide at our offices at Locksmith 4u.


Our re-key New Orleans is a rather simple and straight forward procedure. What is involved is a process by our experienced locksmith, which will involve realigning the tumblers in your existing lock such that the old key can no longer open the lock. Since no hardware appliances are used when achieving this, the procedure is quick and easy.

Within just a matter of 20 minutes, we can rekey your lock and restore your security. The procedure is also very cheap, making it affordable to the majority of our clients. Therefore, if you are worried about the security of your home locks, you can call us for a re-keying procedure and you can get back to your comfort, having no fear of unauthorized entries into your premises which could lead to the loss of your valuables.

Lock Change

If need be, we also offer convenient lock replacement options. This is to remove the insecurity from our clients’ mind that may come with the viewing of the same old lock that could have been tampered with or broken into. Though our work mostly involves repairing and fixing your locks, some locks that may have been damaged need replacing.

We can remove your house, car or safe locks and replace them with an entirely new lock, most preferably, one of higher security or working with a different locking mechanism. After our experienced locksmiths are through with servicing your locks, you can be sure to have a limited number of people with authorized entry and this will to relieve you of your insecurity stresses.

Broken Keys

Another reason why you’d need the services of a locksmith is a case of a broken key. Most key manufacturers will use soft metals in the key making.

This is in order to reduce the wearing off of the locks during the operation of locking and unlocking.

However, this also means that the keys are vulnerable and easy to break. Our experienced locksmiths are able to construct new keys for you to fit and work with your locks. By buying a new set of keys, you can be relaxed and knowing that you have an extra set of keys, in case you misplace or break your primary key.

Spare Keys

Locksmith 4u has many reasons why you need to purchase spare keys. Accidents are bound to happen, and you are likely to forget your keys, lock them in your apartment, or break them, rendering them useless. In situations such as these, it would be great to already have a set of spare keys somewhere outside the house.

Our locksmiths offer spare key making for our clients, as well as offering free tips on where to hide the spare keys. That way you can be sure to have your residential as well as car security in your hands.

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